Lead magnet idea for an Ultimate GuideDean also saved himself the time of competing with content that already exists.Dean adds extra value to his audience by categorizing them and including a brief introduction for each category. This guide has also been well designed, reiterating that this a valuable resource that should be kept and referred back to.Dean used this strategy in his post, “SEO Tools: The Complete List.” He offered a free download that detailed the 153 tools featured in his post — the perfect resource for a reader to keep and refer to whenever they need.Patel’s case, the participant would’ve had a complete blog post written by the time they finished.Suolo had written a blog post about sending an outreach email to well known blogger Rand Fishkin. His call-to-action was the following:Suolo’s lead magnet is just one page and was made using a standard word processor. There was no point in spending time or money on the design in this case because the secret is the only thing that matters.Suolo’s secret, you’ll just have to download the lead magnet!

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